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Screen Protection

21% of Smart Phone owners have a cracked screen. Don't be one of them.

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Unrivalled Impact Protection

Dragon Glass ClearTechTM is an aluminosilicate tempered glass screen protector. Using Accessory Glass 2 by Corning with its core composition and optimised ion-exchange chemical strengthening process delivers superior performance creating the worlds most advanced screen protector.

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Ultra thin &
crystal clear.

Impact protection should never get in the way of great performance - you want to see your bright, colourful screen unhindered. Using premium glass that’s less than 0.4mm thick, ClearTech is ultra thin and crystal clear.

Smooth, precise touch screen interaction.

Precision polishing and etching techniques not only remove ridges and imperfections, they also create a beautifully smooth finish, which feels natural to touch and delivers precise touchscreen interaction.

Break your phone screen.

We'll replace it.

Dragon Glass has partnered with advantage.Plus to release the worlds first glass screen protector with a repair or replacement warranty for the device attached.

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Drop Protection

Protect your device from everyday bumps and falls.

iFace First Class

iFace First Class is a quality case, which provides good grip control, extra protection and beautiful designs to compliment each consumer’s style. It is made with urethane that is shockproof to protect the smartphone from outside impact. The honeycomb pattern on the product reduces heat conduction of smartphones by using space efficiently

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Military Grade Polycarbonate

The iFace Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, making our cases extremely safe to handle where parts may be exposed to impact. When iFace is exposed to repeated heavy blows, the shell bends rather than shatters, making this more durable than anything on the market

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Unique Cooling Structure

iFace have developed a honeycomb pattern in the inside of their cases that reduces heat conduction of smartphones, allowing them to run at full capacity, improving performance without reducing shock absorption.

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Patented Side Grip Technology

The First Class case has a carefully contoured edge with nodes that grip your hand even in extreme conditions. The smart device buttons are fully molded into the case for maximum protection without compromising functionality.

Integrated Car Mount Plate

An integrated magnetic plate allows seemless mouting of your device. The magnetic plate has been placed through rigorous testing to ensure your can place your device, knowing it will be safe.

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Liquid Protection

Don't let a spilt beer ruin the fun!

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World's most advanced liquid protection.

The world’s easiest, fastest and most affordable protection for any mobile device. Preserve and protect your precious memories and data from water damage with NanoFlow X. Without taking the mobile device apart, the NanoFlowX automated process uses an invisible coating to protect against water.

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An invisible hydrophobic coating.

The proprietary NanoFlowX process coats the board in a carbon based hydrophobic layer. Water on an uncoated board would allow the water to penetrate and destroy electronic components. On a coated board water is unable to penetrate electronic components, preventing damage from occurring.

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Watch how it works.

Does not take your device apart.

NanoFlow X does not require the device to be taken apart. Our machines can coat any device by using the existing ports of the mobile device to get inside. Leading competitors require the device to be mailed in or disassemble the device.

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No more bulky waterproof cases

The NanoFlowX machines automated process uses our proprietary formula to protect the vital components from water damage by creating a nano-layer coating.

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